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Commercial Loan

Although Commercial Expert Ltd accesses the majority of high street lenders,
there are many more options available, all with completely different criteria.

Commercial Expert Ltd has the knowledge and the expertise to access
the vast range of lenders including specialist funders, building societies and challenger banks.

A commercial loan (business mortgage or commercial loan) is a loan secured
against a property used for any legal business purposes.

Often it can provide a flexible and affordable solution. Giving you access to much needed capital.

A commercial loan is usually considered the best way
to finance the purchase of buildings or land for business purposes.

Did you know?

  • Term to 30 years available
  • 'Interest Only' available up to 75%
  • 100% LTV available (professionals only).
    Up to 80% on standard plans
  • 'Goodwill' taken into account
  • Accounts viewed EBITDA (Earnings before
    interest, taxes, depreciation and a mortization)
  • 1st and 2nd charges
  • Low ERC's
  • Rates from 2.35% (typical)

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Case Study

Purchase & Refinance – London

Purchase and Refinance – Total Loan £884k

The Situation: A new client approached Commercial Expert Ltd looking to purchase a
semi-commercial property. The client had little deposit and had been let down by previous advisers.
The Solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged an £884,000 commercial loan secured over the
property our client was purchasing and a first charge refinance over an existing commercial
investment property, thus reducing the clients deposit requirements. The loan completed on a
repayment basis at a rate of 2.79% above Bank of England base rate.