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Asset Finance

Its main aim is to provide flexibility of funding using credit or leasing facilities to
purchase assets for your business, such as machinery or equipment needed
to run or grow the business. It is, in the main, more competitive than bank funding.
It is financed from working revenue and has affordable, regular payments
which ease cash flow. Fixed rates are available and there are possible
tax advantages.

This can be a bewildering area of finance with various commercial mortgage and
property investment schemes. There are probably as many different schemes as
there are business scenarios. An independent financial broker such as
Commercial Expert Ltd will have access to competitive rates and a
range of lenders and finance sources – prime lenders (high street names) and subprime
lenders. This broad access allows us to answer enquiries from self-employed,
sole traders, partnerships, those with adverse credit and other non-status situations.

Asset finance can be plant – machinery and tools, vehicles – cars to combines,
equipment – computers to construction. The general criteria is that the asset is
to be identifiable, durable and moveable.

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Case Study

Buy To Let Portfolio – Staffordshire

The situation: This client buys properties for cash; he sources them at a much reduced price, and then refurbishes the properties in order to rent out. 6 months after buying the properties he refinances in order to repeat the process.

The solution: An example of this comes from a case where he wanted to refinance a BTL that he acquired for £50,000, after a moderate refurbishment, and 6 months we successfully secured £70,000 mortgage over a 20 year term which refreshed his funds, continuing with the whole cycle again.