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Bridging Finance

Used in time restricted situations and increasingly as a way to get transactions funded, restricted
lending in the mainstream market has seen a wider use of bridging finance. Each case written is bespoke with
set criteria, and bridging lenders will make funds available swiftly.

Short term finance funding solution, sometimes arranged in advance, for property purchases, auctions, refurbishments,
or developments – large and small.

Closed or open loans, the funds are usually lent against the property valuation. Bridging can also
be used in non-property scenarios – credit repair, settle a tax liability, or probate cases for example.

Typical, complex or unusual, we find the best lender and provide an affordable cost structure

Available Bridging Finance

Auction Finance

Bidding with confidence is the most important thing at an auction; you need peace of
mind that funds are available on time, as completion is required within 28 days of post
auction sale.

A bridging facility letter is a sure-fire way of having the comfort to place that
all important bid at auction, safe in the knowledge that funding is available.


Dan had found a property that he felt was a bargain; however the vendor wanted to sell
at auction to obtain the highest price possible. To ensure that Dan was able to
confidently bid at auction he arranged Bridging Finance, this was secured against one
of his current BTL properties as it had sufficient equity to release additional funds.

The Bridger was able to issue Dan with an offer letter, giving him the confidence to bid
at auction. Dan won the property and as the funding was in place, he was able to
complete the purchase within the 28 days.

Capital Raising

Nursing home fees, stock requirements, VAT payments, temporary cash-flow shortfalls
are issues that people and businesses have to deal with every day.

Bridging Finance is one solution to obtain these funds for theses uses, if you have a
property as security, funds can be released quickly whilst it is being refinanced or sold.


Phil had a surprise VAT bill land due an accountancy error, the balance needed to be
paid within the next 21 days.
Although he had sufficient equity in his house and had
begun to refinance it, there was no way that it would complete in time. The Bridging
Facility allowed him to release monies very quickly, ensuring his VAT bill was paid on
time, this was re-paid within 2 months with his remortgage.

Divorce Settlements

A divorce could costs as much as £50,000, and sometimes things need to move very quickly indeed.

Bridging Finance is an option where subject to sufficient equity in property, a bridging loan can release
urgently needed cash, rather than wait for the long drawn out re-finance process


Jane was going through a divorce and needed to buy her ex-partner out of her property
and release him from the deed. She had a re-mortgage application in with a lender, but
this was taking time and she needed to release monies in time for the divorce deadline.
A Bridge was arranged as a second charge and was released in time for the divorce
settlement; this was released on the basis that the bridge would be re-paid via the long
term re-mortgage.

Probate delays

One of the issues with probate is that inheritance tax is usually due,
but selling the property takes time to settle the tax bill.

Bridging Finance can be secured on the property to settle the tax bill immediately,
allowing more time to sell the property and achieving the best possible price.


Martha’s father had recently passed away and she was due to inherit his estate.
She needed to sell a property as an inheritance tax bill needed to be settled, however
this was taking too long, she didn't want to take any silly offers for the property.

Bridging Finance was secured on the property and she was able to settle the tax bill,
which allowed her more time to achieve a higher sale price. The property was sold and the loan repaid.

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