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Property Investment Finance

There are many more options other than standard Buy to Let (BTL) lenders.
Commercial lenders have a good appetite for residential property investors,
particularly those with portfolios.

These are typically standalone transaction’s and borrowing is based upon a
bricks and mortar valuation and rental income. Several different stress
techniques are used by various lenders, the key is having the knowledge
and the access to these bespoke lenders.

Solutions are available for those property investors who want to:

  • Expand their portfolio
  • Buy property quickly at auction
  • Renovate existing property
  • Utilise existing equity in their property
  • Refinance onto a cheaper rate
  • Exit from their existing lender

Investment Property Loan

An Unsecured Business Loan could be the quick solution
for your business needs.

Did you know?

40 year term available, Interest only available, 85% maximum Loan to Value,
No need for income proof,
Low Early Redemption Charges, 1st and 2nd charges, Rates from 2.35% (typical), Capital raising for any legal purpose.

Case Study

Buy to Let Purchase – London

Purchase – Total Loan 650k

The Situation: Our clients were looking to purchase 2 Buy To Let Flats in the same building, where
they already owned a flat. The building contained 3 flats on leasehold titles so the purchase of the 2
flats would mean the client owned all 3 properties in the building.

The Solution: We were able to secure from 2 high street Buy To Let lenders, a Buy To Let mortgage
of £288,480 & a Buy To Let mortgage of £374,000. Both of these were on a term of 10 years with
payments being on an interest only basis.