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New staff member ensures personal service

As part of our commitment to client satisfaction through personal service from always-available staff, we have added an Administration Assistant to our team to support all managers, ensuring smooth case progression.

We are pleased to welcome Bethany White into this role, whose supportive nature, customer service experience, and appetite for challenge are already proving to be an asset to the team.

Bethany says:

“I actively searched for something totally different in terms of a job, and Commercial Expert stood out to me because of the company’s ambition, success, and values centred around honesty and transparency. My first impressions are great, I’m loving the professional yet friendly office and, being new to finance, I have already gained invaluable experience.”

Mike Coates, MD, says:

“We were looking for someone who could grow with the business and become part of its success, and Bethany absolutely fits the bill. Although relatively new to the world of work, Bethany has worked in pressured environments and shown eagerness for her expanding skillset to be met with progression opportunities – something I’m confident that Commercial Expert can deliver.”

Commercial Expert Ltd joins North East England Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Expert Ltd has recently become a member of the North East England Chamber of Commerce. As a company proud to be founded and based in the North East, we’re looking forward to this membership playing a part in our continued growth.

Whilst we’ve always been aware of the North East England Chamber of Commerce, it wasn’t until our involvement in the North East Business Awards (more on that here) that we realised just how much we could benefit by joining the powerful voice of 3,000+ members. We’re already well-networked and always prioritise being up-to-date with legislation and business matters – but what we can never get enough of is learning from other businesses, so it’s this aspect that excites us most.

Our MD Mike Coates says:

“With growth plans targeting Newcastle coming to fruition, the timing of becoming a Chamber member is ideal. I’m hopeful not only that the Chamber’s knowledge can help shape our future plans, but also that the Commercial Expert team’s knowledge can be shared more widely for the benefit of others. The advisory aspect of our business is increasingly called upon, so it’s great to make ourselves available to other members.”

Funding Leeds…. one year on

In early 2018 Commercial Expert Ltd added an Appointed Representative to our team, to raise our profile in Leeds and its surrounding areas, and provide our transparent advice and bespoke solutions to businesses in Yorkshire in need of alternative forms of business finance.

Now revisiting our ambitious growth plan, we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on our year in Leeds and grab 5 minutes with James Gwynne, our Appointed Representative there who has created an impressively strong business network.

Read on, or download the interview in PDF format here.

James, have you achieved what you set out to when Commercial Expert planned to expand into Leeds?

Yes! We intended to increase the visibility of the brand and gain respect and introductions in a crowded Leeds market, and have most definitely achieved this. We are winning business from other brokers due to our service levels and ability to create solutions to business finance problems.

What was the industry like at that time?

Competitive! Leeds is probably the most competitive finance market outside of London with many brokers, funders and specialists operating in a relatively small area.

What have you seen change (industry-wise) in the last year?

New funders and propositions are arriving all the time and keeping abreast of them is one of the challenges of a truly independent broker.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Increasing Commercial Expert’s footprint and cracking a busy market with many highly respected competitors.

And the biggest achievement?

Ending our first 12 months with 2 big deals – in terms of both amount of loan, and profile of client – along with establishing a highly regarded monthly professionals networking event.

Why do you think Commercial Expert is a good fit with Leeds businesses?

Integrity, transparency and our ability to find a solution to complex funding requirements.

What advice would you give to Leeds businesses?

Don’t let factors out of your control influence your business. Take a good look at yourself and decide if further investment will enable you to grow in a profitable way. If you decide to seek investment then Commercial Expert and our vast network of lenders will be able to assist.

What has been your personal learning?

I don’t have all the answers in my own business. I have learned to take input and insight from others I trust and who have seen/done it before.

What do you see for Commercial Expert in the year ahead?

Continued and significant growth both in our lending and our people. We have a number of opportunities in the pipeline which will require us to carefully recruit talented people to serve the increased client base we are expecting.

Mike Coates, our MD, adds:

“Our experience in Leeds is leading us onto further increasing our Northern footprint, and therefore the business advisory team. Geographically, Newcastle is Commercial Expert’s next major focus. There, we will be introducing a service driven by technology but keeping the all important personal touch.”

Watch this space for updates, or return to the news page for details of the high profile deals mentioned above.

Commercial Expert Ltd completes £1.1m refinance deal

Following the completion of a high-profile bridging loan for an industry-leading property company, and making the shortlist for the North East Business Awards, the team at Commercial Expert Ltd have continued their run of success by completing another large case – this time raising £1.1m to refinance a portfolio of land and property.

The client sought expertise due to their case being all the more challenging due to the security issues raised by the land and property involved, including a well-known hotel, being located on an island.

Commercial Expert Ltd’s Tracey Barnes managed the case. She is passionate about excellent customer service and this proved to be key here, with Tracey working tirelessly to ensure completion. Tracey says:

“It is always tricky when there are so many different parts to a deal.  Keeping everyone in the loop and on track for a completion date is paramount and, as with most deals, there were a lot of different parties to liaise with; lender, solicitors, surveyor and, most importantly, our client.  It’s a great feeling when it all falls into place and we have a happy client.  This is what Commercial Expert Ltd do best”

Commercial Expert Ltd’s relationship with specialist lender Together was also a factor in the success of the deal, which has resulted in saving the client a significant amount of interest.

For further information on Commercial Expert Ltd or refinancing, please call the team on 01325 359800.