Our advice is Relationship Driven, Non-Transactional and delivered with integrity.

About us

As successful specialists within the Commercial Finance sector, we are a nationally known, well-respected and transparent commercial finance advisory firm. We have all types of clients throughout the country with full access to whole of market mortgages.

Based in County Durham, Commercial Expert Ltd is headed by Michael Coates, whose team has many years’​ experience and expertise in financial services and are not only proficient, but successful in the Commercial sector.

Commercial Expert Limited offers personal service, a professional attitude, a centrally based office, up-to-date technology and a skilled and personable in-house administration team for efficient case handling.

Commercial Expert Introduction

1. Commercial finance advice should come from experts

Commercial finance is a challenging area, and there are significant benefits to using a
commercial broker. Commercial finance does not have neatly defined rates and criteria
common to residential mortgages; instead it is specifically tailored to the individual and the

A broker can identify your specific needs, set up meetings with lenders, deal with the
complexities of negotiations, and maybe even review your banking relationship. There can be
structured flexibility within the arrangement to meet your ongoing business needs. Using the
skills of an experienced broker will reap overall benefits to you and your business – short and
long term.

2. Save your time, use our expertise

Outsourcing your financing to a specialist allows you to concentrate on the important day to
day running of your business.

Shopping around for the best deal takes your precious time, and the main advantage of using
a broker is that they will do this for you, using their contacts, knowledge, and experience.

3. An old-fashioned approach

Dealing with a broker means dealing with an individual. A person who takes the time to
understand you and your requirements, offering a personal, one to one service tailored to
your business needs. If your broker understands you, your business and your plans, they are
in an excellent position to secure the best and most suitable deal.

With Commercial Expert Ltd you can be assured that you are using a reliable, honourable
and personable service.

4. Never assume

The finance that you believe that you need may not be the finance that you actually need!
You may think that you need a loan to buy equipment – a broker may recommend a leasing
arrangement as more suitable. Instead of a traditional overdraft, the flexibility of a factoring
arrangement could provide your business with the cash injection it needs.

5. Funding solutions for all scenarios

Land development for office or residential use, property development, shops, restaurants,
care homes, caravan sites, agricultural, leisure, all types of vehicles and so much more
– whatever your funding requirements there will be a lender in the marketplace for you.

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