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Case Studies

Success stories from valued clients

Buy To Let – North Yorkshire

The situation: This client has a very large portfolio, had reached maximum lending levels with most lenders and his credit score was very low due to financial exposure.

The solution: With this in mind we opted for a more commercial style BTL loan – This opens up the market significantly and allows us to use lenders that don’t credit score, and aren’t afraid of exposure. The case was placed with a small lender and the client still achieved a good rate and a 75% LTV.

Product Transfer – North Yorkshire

Total saving – £300 per month

The situation: We contacted an existing client as their fixed rate was due to end on their Buy to Let mortgage.

The solution: We managed the product transfer with their current lender which only took three working days to complete saving the client nearly £300 per month on a loan of £233,450.00.

Public House – South West England

The situation: This case was introduced to us on the basis that we had to beat the current offered rate.

The solution: After discussion with a number of lenders we managed save the client 0.75% on the rate and 0.5% on the arrangement fee. On a £400k loan this is a substantial amount. The client was very happy with the result and completed the finance with us.

Buy To Let – County Durham

BTL – Total loan £38k

The situation: An existing client wanted to expand his property portfolio and buy a new property with a business partner. Purchasing this small buy to let in North East England was a complicated case due to two separate applicants operating two completely separate businesses, therefore having to evidence various types of income.

The solution: The case was agreed, and after working with both clients and ensuring that a quick valuation was instructed, the case offered for a loan of £38,500.00 with a high street lender on an interest only basis. Achieving a rate of fixed rate of 3.39%.

Development bridging loan – County Durham

Development bridging loan – Total loan £306k

The situation: This particular client has been a client for several years and came to us needing funding in order to purchase and develop three properties linked together on separate titles.

The solution: We sourced a development bridging loan over a period of nine months for a total of £306,100.00. This finance enabled our client to purchase these properties and develop them into a mix of residential flats and commercial offices.

Buy To Let Portfolio – Staffordshire

The situation: This client buys properties for cash; he sources them at a much reduced price, and then refurbishes the properties in order to rent out. 6 months after buying the properties he refinances in order to repeat the process.

The solution: An example of this comes from a case where he wanted to refinance a BTL that he acquired for £50,000, after a moderate refurbishment, and 6 months we successfully secured £70,000 mortgage over a 20 year term which refreshed his funds, continuing with the whole cycle again.

Tier 3 – London

Purchase of Buy To Let – total loan of £150k

The situation: An introducer to Commercial Expert Ltd came to us with a client who had recently moved back to the UK from Spain. The client had no UK credit history and currently lived with relatives. The client also had started a new business in the UK and had no provable income, the client wanted to purchase a Buy To Let property for £450,000 and required £125,000 as a mortgage.

The solution: We approached a Tier 3 Lender who specialise in Ex Pat Buy To Let, this lender required no income on Buy To Let applications subject to the property been self-funding. The loan for £125,000 was over 3 years was agreed, to allow the client to regain a UK credit profile and operate her business to be able to provide proof of income in the future for a refinance in the future.

Gym – Scotland

The situation: We were approached by a very desperate client who had had a terrible experience with previous ‘commercial brokers’. Ultimately they had charged up-front fees and not delivered on their promises. The client was converting an old church into a gym and had parted with several hundred thousand pounds. The final funds were required to finish the project to opening.

The solution: This was complex for a start-up business, being a gym and also a converted church, however having access to non-high street lenders and our understanding of specialist criteria meant that we placed the case and the client received their required funds.

Refinance – Staffordshire

Refinance – Total Loan £35k

The situation: The client approached us as they wanted a loan for business use and property improvements.

The solution: The client had some historic credit issues, but after submitting a full methodology statement and plan we secured £35,000 over a 180 month period.

Refinance – Tyne and Wear

Refinance – Total Loan £405k

The situation: Clients were looking at refinancing away from their existing lender. Their deal had come to an end and the lender’s appetite for finance in their sector had diminished. Therefore clients had two choices – sell or refinance.

The solution: Being a light industrial property worth £625,500, rented out on a short term lease meant options were restricted. After a smooth process we secured a loan of £405,800.00 over a 5 year term.

Unsecured Loan – Yorkshire

Unsecured loan – loan total 25k

The Situation: A pre-existing client needed to borrow a small amount of monies for debt consolidation.

The Solution: We arranged an unsecured loan for a total of £25,000.00 which took approximately two days to complete. It was all done online and there was no need for any paper documents.

Nursing Home – Tyne & Wear

Purchase – £1.3m

The situation: An IFA introduced a client to us who required funding for £1.3m to acquire a nursing home. The client had no previous experience, but due to the client’s excellent current financial situation, we felt that it was worth sending the case to a corporate high street lender.

The solution: Within 1 month we had secured an offer and the client completed the purchase just before Christmas. We were also able to put the client in touch with Tax specialists who were able to reduce his stamp duty payment.

Unsecured Business Loan – Yorkshire

Unsecured business loan – Total loan of £92k

The situation: A family run business, which stretched over one hundred and twenty five years and five generations, was referred to us by one of our introducers. The shop is situated on the high street opposite a popular market. The business wanted to funds to modernise the retail unit, pay off their overdraft, pay off the business credit cards and develop their website. This was to keep up to date with the changing market and increase profits.

The solution: They felt that the shop floor did not give off the right first impression and was outdated therefore they wanted to modernise it to keep up with competition from other retail shops. Within six months the case was completed for a total sum of £92,633 over twenty four years.

Refinance – West Midlands

Refinance – Total loan £180k

The situation: Existing clients, with 15+ years of experience in property, wanted to purchase additional properties in Southern Ireland and needed to raise funds in order to do this.

The solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged to refinance an unencumbered property for a total of £180,000.

Refinance – Merseyside

Refinance – Total loan £330k

The situation: An experienced landlord and entrepreneur wanted to refinance three townhouses that they had built. They have had over four years’ experience in letting out and managing five properties. The client had all three houses on one title and did not want to split it, however the bank which we refinanced them agreed they did not need to split the title.

The solution: On completion, the properties were to be let out and added into their property portfolio with the capital raised from the refinance being used to purchase other properties. The total loan was for £330,980.63 over a 5 year period as an interest only loan.

Buy to Let Mortgage – South East England

Buy to Let Mortgage – total loan 125k

The Situation: A British citizen who had been living abroad returned to England and was looking to add to his Buy to Let properties

The Solution: We approached a high street lender and got the client a Buy to Let for a total of £125, 650.00 which allowed him to purchase the property.

Buy to Let Purchase – South East England

Buy to Let Purchase – Total Loan £125k

The situation: Existing clients, who are experienced in buy to let, approached us with regards to securing funding on a new buy to let which they wanted to buy in Kent.

The solution: This was a simple case and we secured a mortgage of £125,650.00 over 20 years on an interest only basis.

Buy To Let Portfolio – County Durham

7 x £50k mid terraced properties

The situation: Due to low provable income, this client was struggling to place his 7 property purchase. Most High Street lenders needed provable income via SA302 forms. Although the client showed very good profits, personal income was kept to a minimum.

The solution: A commercial loan was arranged, as the lender was more interested in experience, rental income and overall financial position of the client – basically taking a broader, more sensible approach.

Crowd Funding – Wales

Crowd funding – Total loan £50k

The situation: An introducer approached Commercial Expert Ltd to help fund a trading holiday let business, which required funding for upgrades to property and amenities.

The solution: We approached a Peer to Peer Lender who agreed to lend £50,000 on an unsecured Basis. The funding was agreed in a matter of hours of been posted on their website and funds were in the clients account within a week.

Residential Development – Scotland

Development – Total Loan £191k

The situation: Clients had previously built and sold their home and wanted to do another self-build development. Initially they had arranged finance via a Scottish Building Society who had agreed a funding line but part way into the project they withdrew from that part of the market and were not willing to help them finish the project. The property they were building was top quality but it was proving very challenging to fund as it was in a geographically remote location and many lenders did not have an appetite to help.

The solution: With persistence we found a lender who was able to provide development finance to complete the property to a condition where it was refinanced with a high street lender on very attractive rates. We successfully secured £191,000.

Refurbishment – County Durham

Refurbishment – Total loan £27k

The situation: A long term client came to us as he was looking to purchase a semi-commercial property that needed a total refurbishment, the property was uninhabitable and had been bought at auction without access to the property.

The solution: We sourced a quick bridging loan for a total of £27,500.00 over a period of nine months at a Loan to Value of 55%.

Refinance – Teesside

Refinance – Total Loan £45k

The situation: A client with over 7 years of experience with investment properties contacted us as he wished to re-mortgage one of his properties to raise capital in order to buy additional investment properties. This was a commercial property with an unusual build style, however this didn’t pose a problem.

The solution: In total we secured a total of £45,000 over a 120 month period for the client to put towards another investment property.

Buy To Let Portfolio – Yorkshire

Buy to Let property – Total loan of £180k

The situtation: As part of our ongoing client care, we re-contacted a client who we arranged a Buy to let mortgage for previously. The client was close to the end of his fixed rate period and we contacted him to discuss the potential of a refinance application onto a new mortgage product.

The solution: We managed to source a new fixed rate at 3.69% for 2 years at 75% Loan to Value and secured £180,500 over 23 years. The mortgage process was concluded and offered quickly and we ensured that the loan completed as his early repayment charge had expired with his current lender.

Asset Finance (Renewables) – Kent

Solar Power funding requirement £35k

The situation

We were approached by an energy firm who had issued a quotation to a Hotel to install Solar Panels on their large roof. The hotel was aware of the cost saving benefit and ability to reduce it electricity bill, coupled with the fact that it would advantage UK Government’s Feed-in Tariffs scheme (FITs), which could mean that they get money from their energy supplier. The main issue was that the business could not afford to pay for the solar panels as a lump sum.

The solution

We conducted a Ltd company search on the owner of the hotel, ensured that all data was accurate and correct and provided the quotation and relevant company data to a specialist lender. Indicative Terms were issued within 72 hours of enquiry for a 100% funding proposal. The payments were 100% tax deductible and were over a flexible term of 36,48 or 60 months, giving the client enough scope to decide which best fit their cash-flow.

Tier 3 Lender – London

Purchase of New Build flat – total loan of £891k

The situation: An introducer to Commercial Expert Ltd approached us with a client he was struggling to obtain finance for. The client was a high net worth foreign citizen living outside the UK. He was purchasing a new build flat for £1,485,000 and had paid a substantial deposit already. The client had no property experience or credit file in the UK.

The solution: We approached a Tier 3 lender who specialise in foreign citizen buy to let. This lender as a Multi-National lender is able to do further searches on foreign citizens and got comfortable with the client and affordability. The lender agreed to lend him £891,000 over a 3 year term, allowing the client to get the much needed UK credit history required.

Hotel Refinance – Isle of Wight

The situation: This was a very complex case, mostly due to the location. The client required the removal of Bridging Finance from his hotel, but the equity wasn’t available. However Commercial Expert Ltd also has access to private banking and offshore facilities.

The solution: We introduced the client to some partner services, completed all of the paperwork, and linked both clients and 2 banks up with each other. We kept in touch with all parties ensuring that data was flowing correctly. The client refinanced his hotel with an international arm of a lender and his own home with a private arm of a lender, saving the client thousands of pounds in interest.

Refinance – South West England

Refinance – Total loan 376k

The situation: An new client needed to refinance a property which he had converted into a HMO. The funding was required in order to clear the bridging loan, which was used to purchase the property, and pay his joint venture partners. As part of his due diligence we introduced him to a number of our clients who provided background as to how we had helped them and delivered what we said we would

The Solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged a refinance for a total of £376,633.13 which allowed the client to clear the bridging loan & JV Partners.

Buy To Let Portfolio – Scotland

5 x Residential Properties – Total loan £252k

The situtation: The client owns an estate agent that has been letting properties for over 20 years. They wanted to borrow £97,500 over 10 years to buy two residential properties to be rented out as two flats.

The solution: There were some issues during the process but due to our experience and vigilance in commercial transactions it was quickly resolved and the case was completed. We also completed a deal, earlier in the year, to purchase 3 properties totaling £154,500.

Buy To Let Portfolio – Yorkshire

Portfolio of flats – Total loan of £615k

The situation: An experienced landlord with a property portfolio of 20+ properties was referred to us by a high street bank. The bank had lost its appetite for ‘real estate’ and we were asked to assist in the refinance of 14 flats in a development in Yorkshire.

The solution: We identified a solution very quickly but there was a legal issue in respect of the title that needed to be resolved. Once this was solved we processed a refinance deal to raise £615,000 to enable him to repay the high street bank.

Refinance – London

Refinance – Total Loan £60k

The situation: A non-English speaking client approached us via his interpreter with the aim of borrowing money in order to expand his business.

The solution: Despite the client not being able to speak English, this was not a problem, all documentation was submitted through the interpreter, they completed a few more security checks and we secured a total of £60,000 over a 240 month period.

Bridging loan – North East England

Bridging loan – Tota loan £120k

The situation: The client’s company had been placed into administration due several different and complex reasons. He wanted to purchase the property back from the liquidator.

The solution: Commercial Expert Ltd approached a bridging lender who agreed a £120,000 bridging loan on the condition that they would place a first charge on the property and a second charge on the client’s home. This was a complicated and long case, however, the case was completed successfully.

Purchase – Yorkshire

Purchase – Total Loan £74k and £79k

The situation: An existing client with a large investment portfolio, came to us with the need for a short term loan that would allow him to purchase a new investment property to renovate and sell on. He is of a high net worth, clean credit record and over 20 years’ experience in property investment.

The solution: The property was purchased for £105,000.00 and we secured him a loan of £74,933.25 (70% LTV) over an 18 months on an interest only basis. This client also wanted to purchase another investment property for £105,500.00, he needed 70% LTV. The remaining monies coming from his own funds. Again, it was on a short term basis on 18 months on an interest only basis. The total loan was £79,928.80.

Re-mortgage – Midlands

Remortgage – Total loan 140k

The situation: A British client who had previously lived abroad, was moving back to England needed to re-mortgage house that they used as a buy to let and re-mortgage it onto a residential mortgage.

The solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged the re-mortgage and transfer of the type of mortgage with a building society. In total we were able to re-mortgage to property for 140,000.00.

Crowd Funding – Yorkshire

Crowd funding – Total loan £40,000

The situtation: An owner of a social club required a cash injection to raise capital for refurbishment; a total of £40,000 was requested and the money was needed quickly.

The solution: This was achieved via a crowd funding loan which took just two days to underwrite and two days to fund. The loan was accepted and the funds were in the client’s business account 3 days after the signed documents were received. It took a total of 7 working days for the unsecured business loan of £40,000 to go from application to receipt of funds.

Refinance & Capital Raising – London

Refinance and Capital Raising – Total Loan £508k

The situation: We were approached by the son of an existing client to refinance a flat he owned in London. The aim was to pay off existing lender and raise some additional capital for plans he had in place. There were a couple of key issues in that the rent did not support the level of borrowing required in terms of the lenders stress tests and due to not being on the voters roll and not being able to prove his address due to correspondence all being sent to the business address.

The solution: The father was added to the loan request and his salary was taken into account to support the shortfall on the rental stress. The client has been renting out and managing properties for over ten years, had a good credit history and good supporting income. The total loan was £508,250.00 on an interest only basis for five years.

Tier 2 Lender – London

Refinance of Buy To Let – total loan £292k

The situation: An introducer of Commercial Expert Ltd contacted us in regards to a Client who had to refinance an investment property. The client’s current lender was putting him under pressure to leave as his current deal with them was coming to an end. The client was a professional landlord (over £10m in property) but was a foreign national residing outside the UK.

The solution: We approached a Tier 2 Specialist Property Lender, this loan was outside their parameters, but due to the clients net worth / clients property experience and low loan to value (55%), the lenders managing director approved the case as an exception. After a satisfactory valuation, the loan was offered in a timely manner.

Bridging Loan – Yorkshire

Bridging loan – Total loan of £58k

The situation: This client approached us for a small bridging loan of £50,000 for twelve months. This was to complete a new build four bedroom detached house on land which was owned by the clients family, which was wind & watertight.

The solution: Commercial Expert Ltd worked with a bridging lender who were happy to release monies to the client subject to the property been transferred for nil consideration into the clients names and all building regulations being met. The Property was transferred to the clients and all relevant building regulations signed off – on receipt of the certification funds were released to the client’s solicitor within 48 hours.

Asset Finance (Renewables) – Hertfordshire

Biomass Boiler funding requirement £147k

The situation

A farmer produced a large quantity of chippings, logs and sawdust. After some research the farmer realised that he could covert this into pellets and use as fuel for a biomass boiler. The boiler could then in turn produce enough heat to replace his current oil filled boiler, and electric heaters through his home, farm and workshops. Various grants were available and a specialist company brought in to assist with calculations, costings and install.

The solution

After ensuring that the costings, forecasts, cash-flow, accounts and profile was suitable for finance, a set of Indicative Terms were issued within 72 hours for a 100% funding proposal. The payments were 100% tax deductible and were over a flexible term of 36,48 or 60 months, giving the client enough scope to decide which best fit their cash-flow.

Bed & Breakfast – Teesside

Further borrowing for expansion – £190k

The situation: An introducer approached us, who was struggling to fund the purchase of a large B&B.

The solution: After visiting the client and establishing their needs, we adjusted how the application was presented and placed the case with a high street lender. The case was agreed almost immediately, however due to complications with previous planning permission, the case had to be re-offered twice. Although the lender was getting very impatient and the client becoming exasperated, we kept heavily involved with the client, lender and solicitor and ensured that the case completed smoothly.

Tier 2 lender – North East

Refinance self-contained flats – Total Loan of £181k

The situation: One of our long-term clients re-approached us to refinance a property which he had recently converted from a commercial property into six self-contained flats. Due to the property having the numerous residences on one title, this fell outside standard lenders normal criteria.

The solution: We approached a specialist property investment lender, with whom the client already had other mortgaged properties. In total £181,088.25 (70% of investment value) was secured over a 25 year period to be repaid by both capital and interest payments.

Purchase & Refinance – North West England

Purchase and Refinance – Total bridging loan £136k

Total refinance loan – £155k

The situation: This client was referred to us by another lender who struggled to make the case fit their lending profile. His plan was to buy a pub in Cumbria and convert it into a café and function room, however this did not proceed as he was gazumped.

The solution: We were then able to help him in his next project to buy a house for investment purposes. A bridging loan of £136,100.50 was agreed for the new property secured against that and an unencumbered house he already owned. The bridging loan was suitable in order to repair his credit file and carry out some refurbishment. He then needed to refinance the property in order to get out of the bridging loan and since his credit file had been repaired the loan was easily placed. The total loan was £155,000.00 which meant the bridging loan was fully serviced.

Investment Property – Scotland

Investment Property – Total Loan £34k

The situation: This client was introduced to us by one of our existing clients. He wanted to purchase a property in Scotland in order to expand his growing business and we were recommended to find a solution.

The solution: The process was, at times, complex with difficulties along the way, mainly due to legal issues and the need to refresh information, but despite this the case completed and the client is full speed ahead with his new property. The total loan facility was £34,950.00 over 84 months.

Business expansion – Wales

Business expansion – Total loan £100k

The situation: A cash injection was needed to fund the expansion of a butcher’s business.

The solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged a £100,000 unsecured business loan supported by a personal guarantee to enable our client to continue his expansion. The loan was agreed quickly and funds released to the client within three weeks of the loan application being made.

Refurbishment – Yorkshire

Refurbishment for a new business start up – Total Loan £125k

The situation: This client owned a large farmhouse in Yorkshire and wanted funding to turn the farmhouse into a seven bed self-catering holiday accommodation. The property required significant expansion, and improvement to be used as a holiday let, the venture was a new start, projection led business.

The solution: We approached a local building society who specialise in holiday lets. The lender agreed to advance £125,000 over a 10 year term on an interest only basis giving the client an increased cash flow through lower payments while she grew the business.

Refinance & Capital Raising -Wales

Refinance & Capital Raising – Total Loan £182k

The situation: A director of a property company came to us looking to raise some capital to make repairs to a property in their portfolio.

The solution: After assessing the company’s assets & liabilities, we decided to refinance one investment property only, clearing a commercial loan over 3 properties and raising the required funding for the client. We also switched the client from an expensive capital & repayment loan to an interest only loan, saving the client over £2,000 per month in loan repayments.

Multi Unit Development – Teesside

Development and refurbishment of existing property into House-In-Multiple-Occupancy – £362k

The situtation: We were approached by an existing client who required development finance. They acquired the site at auction, and needed to complete within 28 days. It was also essential for their business model as they had a work force they wished to retain. This was a complex case which most lenders were not interested in funding due to the location.

The solution: However our vast array of specialist lenders meant that we were able to secure sufficient funds in time, in order to fund the purchase, build costs, associated fees, bank charges and interest.

Refinance – London

Refinance – Total loan £700k

The situation: An existing client approached us looking to refinance a semi-commercial property compromising of a retail unit and 8 self-contained flats in order fund further investment properties. The client who is an experience professional landlord was looking for interest only funding to ensure his rental profits were kept as high as possible.

The solution: A loan of £700,000 was secured on a property valued at £1,000,000. The loan process took just under eight weeks, this would have been quicker if it hadn’t been delayed due to a legal complication. This was resolved by Commercial Expert Ltd using a ‘common sense approach’.

Business Expansion – Teesside

Business Expansion – Total Loan £98k

The situation: The owner of a retail business was looking to purchase a new warehouse to continue his expansion plans. The business owner had been told by his current High Street Bank that they would not be willing to lend them any monies for this purchase as they were ‘growing too fast’. The client didn’t want to transfer all of his banking away to a new High Street Bank, so the client approached Commercial Expert Ltd after a search on the Internet.

The Solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged a £98,000 stand-alone loan, secured on the new warehouse which was being purchased for £140,000. The banking remained where it was and the client and bank relationships remained intact.

Crowd Funding – County Durham

Crowd funding – Total loan £50k

The situation: An existing client needed funds to expand his growing business. He had approached his local bank who stated that without our client providing further asset security, they couldn’t help.

The solution: We applied to a crowd funding lender for an unsecured business loan. The loan was accepted in principal for £50,000. All documentation was submitted electronically and within two weeks the funds were in his company bank account. No need for solicitors.

Asset Finance – Yorkshire

Asset Finance – Total Loan £13k

The situation: This client contacted us after receiving one of our marketing emails regarding asset finance. He wanted to purchase an industrial iron costing £15,066.35. Due to the bespoke nature of this equipment, it had to be specially made and would not be finished until September.

The solutions: Therefore, we arranged for the finance to be drawn down at the end of August ready to purchase the iron in September. We worked alongside a specialist asset finance broker and arranged a total loan of £13,559.89 which the remaining 10% deposit being paid by the client.

Unsecured Loan – West Midlands

Unsecured Loan – Total Loan 25k

The Situation: A client came to Commercial Expert Ltd through an introducer. He wanted £25,000 to fund a specialised asset  for his trading business which couldn’t be funded by traditional Asset Finance.

The Solution: We arranged a unsecured personal loan for a total of £25,000.00 for him to invest into his business to purchase the asset – The Loan was all done online and the client had the funds within days of the client originally contacting us. 

Asset Finance (Renwables) – Leicestershire

LED Lighting Funding Requirement £805k

The situation: A large PLC required a lighting re-fit of one of its warehouses. The warehouse used lighting 24 hours a day and saw the benefit in installing LED lighting units, where the energy usage was 75% lower than their current units, but also had a life span of 10 years. This meant that the PLC didn’t have to replace the bulbs on an yearly basis. The replacement of bulbs meant a day’s closure of the warehouse and a team of installers who were expensive, this was not cost productive. The decision was made that a finance option may be a good solution to fund the units.

The Solution: A quotation was presented to Commercial Expert Ltd, due to the client being a PLC, data was readily available and a finance proposal was quickly produced to fund 100% of the fitments and installation costs. The payments were 100% tax deductible and were over a flexible term of 36,48 or 60 months, giving the client enough scope to decide which best fit their cash-flow.

Refinance – North Lincolnshire

Refinance – Total Loan £82k

The Situation: A new client, introduced to us by an existing client, with a property portfolio consisting of HMO’s wanted to refinance a property in order to raise capital to purchase further investment properties.

The Solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged a mortgage of £82,500 over 10 years.

Buy to Let Purchase – London

Purchase – Total Loan 650k

The Situation: Our clients were looking to purchase 2 Buy To Let Flats in the same building, where
they already owned a flat. The building contained 3 flats on leasehold titles so the purchase of the 2
flats would mean the client owned all 3 properties in the building.

The Solution: We were able to secure from 2 high street Buy To Let lenders, a Buy To Let mortgage
of £288,480 & a Buy To Let mortgage of £374,000. Both of these were on a term of 10 years with
payments being on an interest only basis.

Residential Development – Yorkshire

Residential Development – Total Loan £961k

The Situation: A property developer in Yorkshire was under pressure from a high street bank to
redeem a commercial loan he had taken out in order to develop over 40 residential units. After the
property market adjusted, our client was left with a number of properties within the development
company and a substantial seven figure sum outstanding.

The Solution: Commercial Expert Ltd worked with the client and the  high street bank and created a
solution which involved negotiating a substantial ‘Debt Forgiveness’ with the bank. We arranged the
transfer of ownership of the properties from the client’s limited company into his own personal name.
Using the equity in the properties as a deposit and working with a quick bridging product meant that
the client was able to settle his bank debt and reduce his overall borrowing.

Purchase & Refinance – London

Purchase and Refinance – Total Loan £884k

The Situation: A new client approached Commercial Expert Ltd looking to purchase a
semi-commercial property. The client had little deposit and had been let down by previous advisers.
The Solution: Commercial Expert Ltd arranged an £884,000 commercial loan secured over the
property our client was purchasing and a first charge refinance over an existing commercial
investment property, thus reducing the clients deposit requirements. The loan completed on a
repayment basis at a rate of 2.79% above Bank of England base rate.