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Wills & Estate Planning

Do you want the treasury to have some of your money after you die?
No? Then it’s important to make a will.

Her Majesty’s Probate Office will take months to sort out a deceased person’s affairs,
freeze accounts & take monies for their services, leaving the bereaved family with needless
financial worries at a time when they need the most reassurance and security.

The importance of making a Will.

As you have made a financial commitment to your commercial finance you need to be aware that, should you
die, your property is considered as part of your estate. To help preserve your personal and business assets and
pass on your inheritance to the people you want to receive it, we can provide you with a full, professional will
writing service.

You can use your will to:

  • Pass your estate to an unmarried partner
  • Specify who will become guardians of your children
  • Specify gifts and cash to named beneficiaries
  • Specify funeral arrangements
  • Pass on valued possessions to named people
  • Name executors/trustees

Making a Will is not enough You can also protect your estate by including:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT)
  • Funeral Plans
  • Advance Directive (Living Will)
  • Protection against residential care home fees. (Community Care Act)
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
  • Business Planning (Sole Trader/Partnership/Limited Company)

Commercial Expert Ltd can provide you with a confidential and caring service to ensure that appropriate estate planning needs are in place to secure the future of loved ones.